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Located in Chandler, Arizona


Ceiba Racing Technologies is located 20 minutes south of Phoenix, in the city of Chandler, Arizona. We have over 20 years of experience in nano-technology, where consistent quality and precision is necessary.

Develop, Develop, Develop


Our goal is offer you the best product possible; to take what you have and make it better. Often that means working together to develop a product to fit your needs. We currently work with racing teams and companies to provide high performance parts to adhere to their specific requirements. Our ability to develop to a variety of appilcations is key, as we currently offer performance support in the supercross/motorcross, road racing, dragster, experimental airplane and water craft markets. We have successfully helped teams improve their engine performance and reliability, all while reducing their cost of ownership. 

Our Partnership


Our manufacturing partner has over 35 years of experience supplying quality products to the Japanese motorcycle and automobile OEM market. Manufacturer specializes in racing pistons, camshafts, valves and connecting rods.

Finished Product


After we have put in countless hours developing and testing our products, we then list them for you on our store. Our finished products are put through rigorous evaluations giving you the ultimate confidence that what is available to you is only our very best!


“I have had the pleasure of working with the guys over at  Ceiba Racing Technologies for many years now. There is no other company I would rather choose to develop, design and produce custom pistons with because I know they are dedicated to seeing me succeed. Ceiba Pistons gives you performance that you can feel, right away.


- Michael H.


Phoenix, AZ



“After testing pistons from Ceiba, I really could feel the improvements. I'm now using Ceiba’s High Performance Piston for my Mini Sprint, GSX-R600 motor. The lighter weight gave an immediate, noticeable power advantage and the tighter tolerances and structural strength expect to result in longer lifetime.”


- Brady M. 


Tulsa, OK




“...tells alot about the value a company delivers. Our custom piston design and testing sessions with WERA-winning Paradigm Racing, is one prime example...With Ceiba Pistons, we now require fewer oil changes, use less oil and we're getting more measurable horsepower."


- AJ A


Phoenix, AZ

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